//Popcorn Lung – what is the real cause?

Popcorn Lung – what is the real cause?

Here at eco vape – Vape Your Vitamins we take being health-conscious as a necessity, not just a concern.  One of the most common questions we get is “do your products cause Popcorn Lung?” The concern from customers and interested consumers is legitimate and not without warrant.  We first want to clarify that our products are not E-cigarettes; they are disposable vitamin and essential oil diffusers.  Our products are created to provide you with health and wellness benefits. We have taken much care in ensuring our products are natural, safe, and beneficial for use and enjoyment.

The term “Popcorn Lung” came from a report done by a Harvard study in December of 2015. A number of disreputable clickbait websites published claims and photos stating a new study proved e-cigarettes cause an incurable condition known as “popcorn lung”. The reality is nothing was actually proven in this study, but it did bring to light that Diacetyl was potentially a culprit in causing unhealthy lung conditions. This study was done at a factory during 1992-2000 that employed approximately 560 workers.  Results of this study found an excess of expected number of reported occupational respiratory conditions attributed to toxins.  The CDC and MoDHSS investigated the plant, and found no known substance that could explain the illnesses. Diacetyl, a ketone with butter flavor characteristics, was measured as a marker for exposure to flavoring vapors. Diacetyl was brought to the forefront by this report that it was present in e-cigarettes, but the report simply stated that the possibility of it causing “Popcorn Lung” needed to be further explored and researched. (Snopes, Vaping Causes ‘Popcorn Lung’?)

If you aren’t currently smoking cigarettes and you are vaping e-liquids that have a diacetyl-free assurance, then anything like popcorn lung shouldn’t even be a worry. Most e-liquid makers in the USA are already aware of the diacetyl concern and produce safe e-liquid that is absent of this potentially harmful flavoring chemical. Look for a brand that guarantees there is no diacetyl. Many are independently tested and can be considered safe and free of harmful chemical flavorings. (https://info-electronic-cigarette.com/e-juice/popcorn-lung-e-cigs-the-truth-about-diacetyl/)

The bottom line for us at eco vape is we do NOT include any diacetyl in any of our products.  We strive to find new and beneficial ways to keep our flavorings and ingredients all-natural, and non-toxic for our customers and ourselves.  We care about our own personal wellness, and commit to our community to keep our products safe for you. Our products and company were started and designed to provide you simple, disposable, recyclable, eco-friendly solutions to improve your life. Diacetyl is not an option for eco vape. Keep “Vaping Your Vitamins”; It’s VAPOR, not smoke.